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Childhood Streets REMIX 2020 Album by Edward Kidwell

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Childhood Streets REMIX 2020 album by Edward Kidwell

Available on Apple iTunes

This is a complete remix and remaster of the original album. Every track in each song was remixed, and the each song metered for consistent loudness across the entire album for an improved listening experience.

Re-release Date: 29-May-2020
Original Release Date: 18-Oct-2012
Label: Abel Cry Productions
Genre: Rock/Pop, Christian/Gospel
UPC: 195079680762

Album songs included:

01 Reality.mp3
02 Just The Way.mp3
03 Taste and See.mp3
04 Childhood Streets.mp3
05 The Abel Cry.mp3
06 Move The Mountains.mp3
07 Sound of Hope.mp3
08 Decisions.mp3
09 Live Forever.mp3
10 Troubled Times.mp3
11 Real Love.mp3
12 Savior Of Sinners.mp3
13 No Matter.mp3
14 Last Laugh.mp3
15 What Are You Waiting For.mp3

MP3 Features:
- Bit rate: 256Kbps
- Embedded album art

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