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How to Let God Solve Your Problems: 12 Keys for Finding Clear Guidance in Life's Trials

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Dr. Stanley shares solid, biblical insight to enable people to effectively handle their trials, challenges, and troubles. When trials seem too great, sorrows too deep, and stress too prolonged, people wonder how they will be able to continue. They ask, "Can anything good come of this" When God is involved the answer is always yes. The right response to every trial we face begins with faith in an all-knowing, all-powerful God who loves without hesitation. In How to Let God Solve Your Problems , Dr. Stanley explains, "When you trust God with your circumstances, He will not only help you solve whatever problem you are facing, but He will restore all that has been lost in the process . . . and you will find lasting joy in God's goodness." Even when everything we regard as familiar changes, God remains the same-steadying us, bringing us fresh hope and clear guidance, and moving us into His solution for our lives.

ISBN 10: 1400200954
ISBN 13: 9781400200955
Author: Stanley, Charles F.
Product Dimensions:  x  x 
Weight: 1lb
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Publish Date: 6/10/2008
Language: English

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