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THE NEW TESTAMENT LIKE YOU'VE NEVER READ IT BEFORE. It is commonly assumed that a book dealing with a holy God should sound elevated, stately, and ceremonial. If this is how you've always viewed the New Testament, you're about to make a surprising discovery. One of the most striking features of the New Testament is that it was written in the street language of the day--the idiom of the playground and marketplace, not the formal, lofty language of government decrees and historical documents. Written in the rhythms and idiom of contemporary language--the way you'd talk with friends, write a letter, or discuss politics--The Message brings out the expressive, earthy flavor of the New Testament. Which means that, whether you've been reading the Bible for years or are exploring it for the first time, The Message will startle and surprise you. And it will allow you to experience firsthand the same power and directness that motivated its original readers to change the course of history many centuries ago.

Finish: Paperback
Pages: 544
ISBN 10: 1576834301
ISBN 13: 9781576834305
Author: Peterson, Eugene H.
Product Dimensions:  x  x 
Weight: 0.5lb
Publisher: NavPress Publishing Group
Publish Date: 6/5/2003
Language: English

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