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Pick Your Poison - Faithgirlz Boarding School Mysteries

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Faithgirlz Boarding School Mysteries.
When several girls get sick after a birthday dinner, everyone assumes the cause is accidental food poisoning. However, after further outbreaks Jeri McKane suspects the poisonings are more sinister.
From the Back Cover
When a group of Jeri McKane’s friends help Abby present a birthday dinner for her home-ec project, the party ends up in the trashcan – literally. Is it just an unfortunate event, or have the friends been intentionally poisoned Jeri’s instinct says something isn’t right, and the girls follow a trail that leads to some not-so-sweet evidence. Tween girls can wonder why God doesn’t step in when meanness and injustice happens. This story helps them see how he often uses ordinary people to help uncover the truth!

Finish: Paperback
Pages: 144
ISBN 10: 031071432X
ISBN 13: 9780310714323
Author: Holl, Kristi
Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.4 x 0.4
Weight: 0.5lb
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Publish Date: 6/1/2008
Language: English

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