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10 Megatrends of the Religious World by Pastor Wayman Mitchell

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A timeless and passion-filled audio series on issues surrounding mainstream religion by Pastor Wayman Mitchell.
Pastor Wayman Mitchell took over a small church in Prescott, AZ in 1970, and with a vision to evangelize, raise up disciples, and plant churches, he saw God take that small struggling church and change it into a powerhouse of world evangelism that currently has over 2,000 churches worldwide! Pastor Mitchell is still pastoring that same church in Prescott, AZ–which now has approximately 700 members–and is the senior pastor and overseer of the fellowship of churches birthed from his ministry.

Files included:
1 - Unity at Any Price.mp3
2 - Worship Over Preaching.mp3
3 - Rejection or Pre-trib Rapture.mp3
4 - Experience over Doctrine.mp3
5 - Women in Ministry.mp3
6 - Paranormal Has Validation.mp3
7 - Entertainment Oriented Minsitry.mp3
8 - Extra Biblical Revelation.mp3
9 - Tolerance of Immorality.mp3
10 - Failure to Define Error.mp3

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