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Why Men Hate Going to Church (Paperback)

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Murrow, a television writer and producer, asks and effectively answers the question: "What is it about modern Christianity that is driving men away" Just 35 of American men say they attend church weekly, he reports, and women make up more than 60 of the typical congregation on a given Sunday.
Murrow contends that the church caters to women, children and the elderly by creating a safe, predictable environment. This alienates anyone fond of risk taking, including young men and women, but men are affected most. In order to reach men, Murrow suggests, churches must "adjust the thermostat" to embrace the masculine spirit: let men lead; give them tasks; encourage pastors to show strength and teach men through object lessons, letting them discover truth for themselves. Two of the best outreach methods: start rigorous mentoring programs and help men make friends with other men. Murrow bases his conclusions on what he claims are legitimate biological and cultural gender differences. He is aware that these observations might offend, and his thesis will find few takers among those who believe that the church needs less, not more, male influence. But Murrow's work is quite likely to get an enthusiastic reception from many Christian men. It contains sharp observations that will provoke much discussionand, perhaps, some change.

Author:David Murrow
Product Dimensions:5.4x8.2x0.8
Publisher:Thomas Nelson
Publish Date:10/21/2004

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