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Run, Jeremiah Run!

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Run, Jeremiah Run! is a story of faith and hope. Jeremiah is a young boy who finds himself running into life's toughest situations. As a foster child, life for him is a garbage bag filled with his things, a new school, and worst of all finding a new family. All he has ever wanted is a place to call his own, his own family, and a life of adventure without getting into trouble. Although life is tough for him, he holds on to his grandmother's promise- the promise of a handful of mustard seeds being planted one day to grow into a tree of his own. After being expelled from school again, he thinks that no one will ever want him to be a part of their family. But before long with the help of his friends, he learns a lesson of teamwork and what it really means to stick it out till the end.

Finish: Paperback
Pages: 128
ISBN 10: 0802422535
ISBN 13: 9780802422538
Author: Singletary, Mabel Elizabeth
Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 7.5 x 0.4
Weight: 0.3lb
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publish Date: 5/1/2008
Language: English

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